CASKA! Coming soon in all cities of Kazakhstan!

DARNI» LLP took part in the exhibition «TOYOTSU-2009», which took place on 17 - 18 of May 2009 in Almaty.

We inform about  the new welder party DENYO in the«DARNI» LLP warehouse.

Electrical welding equipment

KEMPPI – is high-quality welding machines for arc welding, which possess superior characteristics of the arc. Excellent arc ignition, automatic final impulse and function of welding, guarantee high standards pleasure to the welder.
"DARNI" LLP performs a full range of services:
Supply welding machines and spare parts;
Maintenance of welding equipment at the Centre and the territory of the customer;
Supply of welding masks for welding;
"Supply of various devices and accessories for welding (gearboxes, rotametr, etc.)"
Additional information you may find here
The best way to order products of KEMPPI is us – fill in the application form, and then during the day our manager will contact you.

Diesel welding equipment «DENYO»

"DENYO" diesel welding equipment has unique welding characteristics, efficient diesel fuel consumption and low noise effect.  "DENYO" welding equipment- high reliability acknowledged by professionals worldwide!
Denyo Model (Engine Kubota) Weight (kg) Dimensions (m3) Max. quantity of pieces. in 20 - foot containers Dimensions applicable electrodes (mm) Power (A) Other options Foto
DAW-180SS Z402 200 0,643 20 2.0 - 4.0 (for single) 30 - 180 (for single) AC Generator : 3kVA
TLW-230ES Z482-B 320 0,712 20 2.6 - 5.0 (for single) 50 - 170 (for single) AC Generator : 5kVA
DLW-300ESW D905-KA 440 0,923 18 2.6 - 6.0 (for single) 60 - 280 (for single) AC Generator : 10kVA
DLW-400ESW D1005-KA 510 1,096 18 2.6 - 8.0 (for single) 60 - 380 (for single) AC Generator : 15kVA
DCW-450S V2203-KC 780 1,686 14 2.6 - 8.0 (for single) CC: 30 - 450 AC Generator : 20kVA

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