CASKA! Coming soon in all cities of Kazakhstan!

DARNI» LLP took part in the exhibition «TOYOTSU-2009», which took place on 17 - 18 of May 2009 in Almaty.

We inform about  the new welder party DENYO in the«DARNI» LLP warehouse.

About company

General information:

Foundation date 31 January 2003 year
Re-registration date 19  November 2007 year
Personnel 50 people
Company’s  turnover 10 000 000 US Dollars

Production areas:
200 m2
Servicing area
2 500 m2
500 m2
500 m2


"DARNI" LLP is an assignee of "SPI PARTS" LLP.
"SPI PARTS" LLP was found on January of 2003, on 19 November 2007 year was renamed into "DARNI" LLP.
On September 2007 “DARNI” LLP purchased a business share from “ADANI” LLP- “AdaniUniversalService” department with all assets and resources. 
Finally the company organized on 2007 year, when the company settled office, labor collective formed and under supervision of the founder started its way to the stated target:
-- Become one of the best companies representing a timely and complete satisfaction of needs for goods and services in Kazakhstan
-- Improving the quality system
-- Achieving an optimal level of costs in production, sales and services.
-- Creating a responsible, well-managed profit-oriented company.

Today  DARNI - a company with a stock of knowledge on the supply of Kazakhstan machinery and equipment by more than 300 units, maintaining and repairing the equipment, construction and services.
DARNI - dynamically developing company. We offer our clients the full range of services for special equipment, trucks and equipment:
  • Delivery of trucks, special machinery and equipment;
  • Guarantee and after-sales service;
  • The supply of original spare parts;
  • Supply of various lubricants;
  • Education operators.
... and much more.
On the territory of Kazakhstan today we have more than 8 service centers of “Darni" LLP, which almost completely solves the problem of maintenance and spare parts purchasing for equipment in service machines.

The entire technical staff is a professional team that has a high technical and medium-special education, received special training on repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment. The company is fully equipped with technological and diagnostic equipment and special tool necessary for repairs.

"Darni" LLP adheres to the principles of fair and mutually beneficial partnership with consumers of its products, tough but fair rules of struggle with its competitors. In the sphere of our activities, we use the most advanced technologies from abroad, taking into account the ecological safety of the environment.

The pledge of our success - is, first of all, the outstanding quality of the proposed Equipment and Services.

We always look forward! We offer new services, we are improving the quality of those that have become standard in our field, we develop a different scheme of payment of our services and strive to remain dynamic, well-managed company that is able to cope with the economic and social problems of the future.

Our strategy is aimed at "Darni" LLP reputation as a reliable and trusted partner. We will continue to develop our service and dealer network, more vigorously promoting our products to regions.

Kazakhstan Market attracts by enormous potential, and we hope to strengthen our country with positive contribution to the work of all Kazakh companies that have become our clients, who later become our partners and friends. Our development - is, first of all, the development of our clients, the Company develops and grows together with its customers.

We and you. We help your business grow - you help us grow.


alt"DARNI" LLP is a partner of several international manufacturers:

  • HINO (Japan);
  • NEW HOLLAND (Italy);
  • KOMATSU (Japan);
  • URAL-IVECO (Russia-Italy);
  • DENYO (Japan);
  • KEMPPI (Finland);
  • INDECO (Italy);
  • GROVE (USA);
  • CEC (USA);
  • CELIK MAKINA (Turkey);
  • JV LLC «SVYATOVIT» (Belarus);
  • « TATRA, a.s.» (Czech Republic);
Detailed information you may find on the "About company” page.
In our web-site you can learn about services rendered by our company, place an order, receive catalogues as well leave comments and offers.