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DARNI LLP took part in the exhibition TOYOTSU-2009, which took place on 17 - 18 of May 2009 in Almaty.

We inform about  the new welder party DENYO in theDARNI LLP warehouse.

DARNI LLP had a Risk management in Quality Management System SEMINAR-TRAINING

On 2-4 July there was Risk management in Quality Management System training performed for DARNI LLP staff. The main contingent of trainees companys top management, technical personnel, other staff.

The seminar was performed by one of the leading specialists in the field of Quality Management System (QMS).
The purpose of the seminar:

- Training and practice of basic skills necessary for managers and specialists during design, implementation and development of Quality Management System;
- Review of practical aspects and approved models of modern quality engineering methods usage.

During seminar modern quality management systems and their components have been considered. Huge interest attracted personnel motivation, its measurement, assessment and analysis. Practice during seminar showed that all these aspects may be transferred from feelings arte into concrete measurement area as well as how they may be improved.

Very detailed information was given on basic regulations and terminology of ISO 9000, standard requirements to the processes, structure and composition of QMS documentation an many more. Motivation problems and their solution were examined as well.

Huge interest attracted training on complicated management question decision-making, which aimed for managing skill elaboration.

The most interesting for trainees were business games (QMS process modeling. Process effectiveness, Purpose adequacy analysis for Organization`s divisions, Development of work quality indexes Organization`s divisions, Development of measurement criteria and selection of supplier, Facts and estimates classification, Use of 5 WHY? method during analysis of disconformities reasons ) dedicated to improvement of Quality Management System and well as company`s risks management. All games were aimed for solving concrete practical problems. During business games trainees (firstly individually, then in groups) developed, analyzed and assessed many concrete solutions of DARNI LLP difficulties.